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Wonderful Me
The collection of personalized coloring books for adults.

A coloring book based on you: it combines inspiring quotes with your first name. As you color it, you enter a positive atmosphere. And such heartening quotes are all the more powerful as they are specially associated with your beautiful name! Treat yourself with this anti-stress solution or surprise your beloved with a memorable gift that will surely motivate them.

A few examples, coloured in.

50 original illustrations
108 pages


Your name has an incredible power

anti stress personalized adult coloring with name
A personalised page with the first name Cynthia

A personalized coloring book that really works

While coloring this book, the positive quotes associated with your first name have an impact on you. Coloring puts you in a state of relaxation allowing you to let yourself be filled with positive ideas. These good vibes get anchored on you, since your name is associated to them. In the end, this personalized coloring book for grown-ups will boost you and make you feel good. A coloring book like Secret garden relaxes us, but that's all. Wonderful Me offers magnificent colorings associated with positive sentences. That's what makes it magical. It also is a perfect gift to offer to someone you love for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary, or just because you want them to feel unique. And don’t worry if they have a rare name, we will create their special book and it will be available on Amazon in less than 6 days.

anti stress personalized adult coloring with name
A personalised page with the first name Rose

The personalized book connected to your first name

You love your name, like most people do. Your name is who you are. It characterises you, even looks like you! It’s been sticking to your skin since birth. It’s one of the first words that you learnt. It’s anchored in the deepest parts of you, even more so than you can imagine...The 50 colouring pictures connect the sentences with your name. These mantras will give you self-confidence, allow you to be fulfilled, and to love yourself more. By colouring in these drawings and contemplating the results, you will sew the seeds of many positive intentions, both big and small, in yourself. As a child, you were steered through everything your learnt by those close to you, by your parents: “bravo”, “well done, keep going”... As an adult, who still tells you that what you do is great? Who motivates you day after day? You’ve got your clan for that; but above all else you need to rely on yourself, because you are your own life’s only engine.

anti stress personalized adult coloring with name
A personalised page with the first name Kathy

A gift idea for your best friend

Lots of people buy books from the WonderfulMe collection to give to their best friend as a present. This is also a reason why we are offering the opportunity to personalise the book with any name you like (only feminine names for the moment). Once again, this service is free and the book will then be put on sale at the same price as the others on Amazon. If you’re looking for a gift idea for your best friend, you’re in the right place. The positive thinking books from the WonderfulMe collection are the perfect opportunity to tell her just how much she matters to you.

A personalized book that is also a self-help book

Self-help books advise on how to manage our lives and this is always an interesting adventure. The Wonderful collection aims to trigger change. Wonderful Me helps to take control of your life: you are the agent of change. Coloring the book's sentences brings an active mindset. The message diffuses as we color the pages because we have look at the words for a while and, also, because our name is associated with these positive sentences. And so we "become" a positive sentence. The book helps us help ourselves; it is full of nice messages that we send to ourselves.

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