Say ‘Well done!’ to your best friend
Tell her that you love her!

A gift to your best friend: the personalised book to be coloured in with her first name.

WonderfulMe is a unique collection of adult coloring books that associates motivational quotes with her name.

A few examples, coloured in.

50 original illustrations
108 pages

anti stress personalized adult coloring with name
A personalised page with the first name Cynthia

Why does this personalized coloring book work?

While your best friend colors in the pages of this book, the motivational quotes linked to her name will have an effect on her. Coloring in these drawings will totally relax her, and put her in the right frame of mind to let beautiful positive ideas in. And, as her name is associated with them, all those good vibes will really take root! In the end, then, this coloring book will give her a boost and do her good.

This is why we think that it’s the perfect personalized gift to give to your best friend , or to all our loved ones, anyone else that we love: your girlfriend, your mother (your mom), your grandmother (your grandma), your sister, your cousin, your colleague, etc.

anti stress personalized adult coloring with name
A personalised page with the first name Rose

What encourages us? What motivates us?

When you were a child, our parents, friends and family, would say ‘Bravo’, ‘Well done’, ‘Keep going’ to encourage us as we learned. As adults, who still says to us that what we do is great? Who motivates us, day after day? To do that, il y a notre tribu, and here we can help out by giving this book: it will be a gift in every sense of the word.

anti stress personalized adult coloring with name
A personalised page with the first name Kathy

A best friend always deserves a little gift.

reason why we have come up with WonderfulMe. Because it’s a wonderful way to send a message of love. By offering this beautiful book to our best friend, you remind her that we love her and that to us, she is wonderful. WonderfulMe is a unique gift that has been designed to accompany us through every moment of our lives. This exclusive book’s 50 coloring pictures connect phrases with our name. These mantras gives us self-confidence, and allow us to accomplish our goals. Giving this gift shows that we believe in her. If she’s feeling down, feeling the need to reinvent herself, to find that zest for life, to change her life, then it will be like a session of stress-relieving meditation. She will certainly recognize herself in the book’s 50 quotes and illustrations. They have been selected and designed with the greatest attention. Before creating this book, we had come up with a hundred drawings that we then showed to our friends. They helped us to choose, and they kept the best quotes and drawings. We’re sure she’ll like it.

A book for yourself or to offer as a gift that will make someone happy.

Many people buy books from the WonderfulMe collection for themselves, but many offer it as a symbol of friendship. And for best friends who are precious and have a rare name, we offer to personalize the book with any first name you want. We create the book and it is then made available on Amazon. If you're looking for the perfect gift idea that's out of the ordinary and will always please, you've come to the right place. Give her the positive books from the WonderfulMe collection. They're an opportunity to surprise her and tell her how much she means to you. And if your budget is limited, even if you personalize it with an original name, the book is sold for 9,90 $.

How do you know a best friend when you see one?

First of all, friendship is based on duration, because if love relationships last on average 10 years (or much less nowadays), you keep your best friend for 16 years on average. For women over 55, the average age of a relationship with their best friend is 23 years. According to the American website of personalized products "The Book of Everyone" which conducted a beautiful survey on the subject in 2016, a woman will have in her life 6 best friends on average... Yes, because we also count the one from first grade who can become a BFF. If you've kept her big up, that's great..

The three points that prove she's your best friend.

  • 1) A best friend is capable of doing anything for you. If you send her a text message that says, "I killed Bob... unintentionally. What do we do?", she sends you another one back: "I'm coming with the pickup truck and shovels" ...
  • 2) A best mate does not lie, never. If you make her taste a risky recipe for chocolate spinach fondant, she will tell you frankly: "but it's a real blasphemy towards the chocolate god. »
  • 3) A best friend talks even when she doesn't say anything. When we're together, in the street, with our best friend, if something unusual happens, we're both on the same page right away. You don't have to say to each other: are you thinking what I'm thinking? No, we just give each other a conniving look because we know she's like us and she thinks like us. Friendship means we don't have to talk to be good together.

Bottom line...

Finding a nice present that gives happiness is not easy. Original and surprising ideas are rare. A copy of WonderfulMe is a cute gift that is sure to please. You can give it for a birthday, for a party, at Christmas, for Mother's Day at a bachelorette party, for a wedding anniversary, at New Year's Eve, for any occasion. These books are among the small, romantic and cheap personal gifts ($9.90). It fits any budget. This collection is one of the original gifts that can be found on the net. Gentlemen if you want to spoil your girlfriend for Valentine's Day this is also the perfect gift and you can add a little note when you order the book.

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