Helen is wonderful.
The coloringbook personalised with your name, to make you feel good

Here are some examples of the pictures, coloured in. In the book, they aren’t coloured in, of course, they’re there for you to colour according to your wishes and your mood.

Helen est formidable livre de coloriage personalisé prénom Helen

Helen is wonderful

50 original illustrations.

The coloringbook personalised with your name, Helen.

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All coloring books from the collection Wonderful Me are available exclusively on Livre personnalisé cadeau pour sa meilleure amie ou sa mère

A gift idea for your best friend.

Lots of people buy books from the WonderfulMe collection to give to their best friend as a present. This is also a reason why we are offering the opportunity to personalise the book with any name you like (only feminine names for the moment). Once again, this service is free and the book will then be put on sale at the same price as the others on Amazon. If you’re looking for a gift idea for your best friend, you’re in the right place. The positive thinking books from the WonderfulMe collection are the perfect opportunity to tell her just how much she matters to you.

A book that does you good, personalised with your name, Helen.

The 50 colouring pictures connect the sentences with your name. These mantras will give you self-confidence, allow you to be fulfilled, and to love yourself more. By colouring in these drawings and contemplating the results, you will sew the seeds of many positive intentions, both big and small, in yourself. It’s a personalised feel good book: a life coach that, rather than doing your head in, will take you by the hand to guide you.

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